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When it comes to taking down or trimming trees, there are plenty of alternatives to consider. Should we use a bucket or lift? Bring in a crane? Get out the climbing gear? Answering these questions requires analyzing the fundamentals of each given project. Large and or hazardous tree removals at times may call for specialized equipment to insure the safety and protections of your property. A heavy duty crane might be exactly what is needed in certain tree removal situations. Not only is a crane an important piece of equipment, but just as important is an experienced crane operator with specific experience with tree removals.

           Why Crane removal might be best for your situation:

Protection of your property — much less disturbance to expensive landscaping, decks, pools or other structures. Limbs and wood can be lifted up and out of an area with little impact on the area below.

Safety — crane removals can make hazardous and large tree removals much safer by eliminating the possibility of falling limbs and wood chunks on to your house or property.

Cost — large and technical tree removals can take a lot of time to remove by using other methods of climbing and slowly lowering wood to the ground. Cranes can make the removal of large trees much more efficient and safer, thus reducing the time on the job site.

Can reach many backyard trees from the street allowing cutting and removal of the tree and placing the wood in the street for haul off or processing through a chipper.

 Gaining Access

Access to the tree or trees usually is the first factor to consider, where is it located on the property, can we access it with a bucket truck? Most cases when there is no way to access a dead and or dangerous tree that needs to be removed or there are some trees where there is just nothing safe to tie off to, and there is no access for any heavy equipment so we have to bring in a crane, whether that is to piece it down or even in extreme situations crane it over your house, we can do that in a safely.

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